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  1. You can tell that the writers would like to make it even more so that way.
  2. It seems unoriginal about the characters because I have seen some other shows like it.
  3. The setting was a bit strange, but that just made it that much more fun to watch.

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6TEEN Season 1 Vol. 1

Now the two girls compete against each other to see who can score a date with him first. But I love this show and I'm now watching it on a website for free. So this was basically a show that doesn't belong in any place, dating any where or any time. Jonsey and Nikki love to spar probably why they're soo great together. Is Naruto and Sakura going to be couples?

Nikki quits her job at the Khaki Barn and gets a new job at a cooking store. Jonsey reveals a list he has of all the girls he's dated and a group of men, lead by Wayne, try to get their hands on it. He's always positive and mellow, and his attitude is contagious.

Those Six teens go through a series of events that affect their lives as They struggle to find themselves in the adult world. Nikki meets a great guy named Stone at the Grind Me coffee shop. Jude almost a mix of Joey-Chandler is the laid-back member of the group.

The characters all fit in so well, even though they're all different! It's a teenage friends, the mall is central perk. What's wild is that Jude's voice is actually the voice actor's real voice. Jen's got boys following her around like drooling puppies but barely even notices. Price to rent a sixteen passenger van?

6teen/Caitlin Cooke - The TV IV

What is the plural possessive of couples? It's a refreshing break from the rather dull cartoons you'll see on American television. The more he tries to help, the bigger the problem gets, general hospital actors dating but he's a type of guy who's always there for his friend.

The disadvantages of couples is the drama, and most of the time couples fact their happiness. It had to end eventually, but it was just looking for a good way to end. Deep down he knows that in a few years, when he's in college, he'll be the man. On total drama island why is duncan so mean?

American viewers may not like it though, but take it or leave it, it's a Canadian show, production budgets are way less, but it is nothing less than any American cartoon. He's that perfect combination of cool, sweet, and mysteriously confident. But now, it's just going downhill for Nick.

Show Summary

Meanwhile, Coach Halder is constantly shooting Jen with paintballs. Will Jen be able to help Nikki keep her job? The characters were dynamic. Is this an information site or an entertainment site?

Time to hang with all my friends. Jen accidentally breaks Travis's arm and he's preparing for the Olympics. Wyatt and Caitlin, after kissing each other in a dark room, 24 year old dating start to think they might make a good couple so they try to go out on a date together.

Who are the couples in 6teen
6teen nikki and jonesy

The ever hopeful cheerleader, Caitlin assumes things will work out because up until now, they always have. The girls often come to him for advice about guys because their other choices, Wyatt and Jonesy, are both hopeless. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Diverse episodes feature relationship woes, job worries and the ever important arcade hall of fame title. The creators of this show obviously do not know teenage-life styles. Nikki holding a gold-coloured dress, about to alter it as only she can. Contributors Become a contributor. She always tries to succeed and never accepts defeat, she's just Monica minus the obsessive cleaning.

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The dating thing always got in the way. Nikki is angry until she finds out that he is dating several girls at once. She elicits the group's protective instincts and loves to give dating advice. Jen is mortified when her journal goes missing. Personality-wise, Caitlin is the most emotionally sensitive character out of the main cast.

Jen can't stop talking about her new guy, Smithy. But when the prisioner comes back with all the prsioners in jail Jonsey, Jude, Nikki, Wyatt, Caitlin, and Jen tries to save the mall together. Those who like to laugh should enjoy this one. Caitlin asks a boy Nikki is attracted to out on a date.

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In addition to being snarky and sarcastic, Nikki is not much of a romantic. He's more intelligent and well read than his pals. Take This Job and Squeeze It. It's got an interesting animation style that you don't see too often and the characters are endearing.

Who are the couples in 6teen

What site is 6teen on

It's only a singing program. But in all this show is amazing I like it still through all these years. Caitlin's sixteenth birthday is weeks away and she is making huge plans to ensure that it will be the biggest event anyone has ever attended.

6teen - Episode Guide

Gotta new job gonna start at the mall today! Audible Download Audio Books. When she does go after a guy, she usually picks the wrong one. It's witty, smart, jokes for online and definitely something new.

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Jen is do-er, the go-getter, and an instigator. Meanwhile, Jonesy lands a prime job at The Soda Hop in order to score a date with French foreign exchange student, Amelie, the hottest chick in the mall and quite possibly all of France. The possessive form of the plural noun couples is couples'. In all, a very good show with plenty of humour, some romance, and surprise.

So, the gang is forced to pose as college majors, including Jonesy as a gynecology student. If I could give it a zero you bet I would! The art of this cartoon is rather unique and it may take you a while to get used to it, but the plots are definitely funny and sometimes circle around important issues of growing up.

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Meanwhile, Jude's year-old cousin, Jade, comes to visit and she starts to develop a crush on Jonsey. Jen's boyfriend, Travis, doesn't seem to have enough time for Jen and she starts to think that he might be cheating on her. Witty, smart, an all around great show, with substance. Jonsey gets a new job of the secirity camras.

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6TEEN Season 1 Vol. 1

Jen Masterson Jen is a hip, hot, tomboy who can beat almost any guy in almost any sport and is bound and determined to become a future Olympic champion. Something far away from a suburban mall. What do you call anime straight couples? When Jude just cant seem to break up with his new clingy girlfriend of three dates, Rita, Jonesy offers to step in and do the dirty work for him. And sensitive Wyatt finds himself an odd man out among chauvinistic Jonesy and slacker Jude.

  • Wyatt Williams Wyatt is an old soul.
  • Thank God I'm on my own for the first time.
  • Caitlin hates her uniform so much that she never leaves the lemon with it on, doing a Superman-style quick change into her street clothes every time she leaves work.
  • The show is surprisingly funny.
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