Amx 13 75 matchmaking, amx french light line guide the totes

AMX CDC STA-2 ISU-130 and AMX-13/57 Footage
Straight Outta Supertest AMX-13 57

For full disclosure, I spend money on the game, and that most definitely helps with stats. Compilation thread of my ideas. Sources and External Links.

  1. The Sheridan is very unforgiving of mistakes.
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  3. The tactics in the video apply to the Fiery Salient variant of the same map.
  4. This rather bad accuracy is hopefully compensated by a higher shell velocity.
  5. In case that's not enough, the camo values are between a Pershing and a Panther.
  6. This tank is great as an agile, active scout and at offering support fire to help allies by outflanking enemy tanks.
Light Tanks Revision France

The AMX 13 57 report

We'll start with the stats. You still need to be a good player to do that and good players can do that in regular ones just as well, so that would be a cheap excuse. The side armor is thick and sloped toward the middle of the tank, so with angling the side is difficult to penetrate. Been playing this game since beta days and yes, the complaints are often the same.

If you can get there and turn the other team in time it can work well. Graphical overview best online dating apps for college students tanks elc, the. Lets jump headfirst into this.

They dont give a shit about logic. It needs the mobility to stay competitive. Then, you have to recognize the opportunity to strike.

Amx elc bis matchmaking - Dating site satellite seriously

The third checkbox shows the max distance that you will render tanks that have been spotted by an ally. Light tank destroyer, so even though, or so even though, amx elc amx. Love your detail and calm and clear voice. Despite fifteen years at uni and I wouldn't know where to start with it! But it just can't trade shots with, well, hook up lyrics offer just about anyone.

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In any other case, you will indeed mess up the matchmaking. If anything the tank just needs preferential matchmaking. This is even worse given the matchmaking often has Tier Xs. If it was I would think about it. Check out the link for insights into the changes and new vehicles coming to the U.

AMX 13 57 GF - Global wiki

When the opportunity presents itself, go full tilt, but make sure you have an escape route. They are handicapped, and rightly so. Everything else about it is subpar, who is moose not even average.

World of tanks elc bis is the amx elc bis. Just don't expect me to survive it. Find a nice bush with a good field of view and assist your team by spotting enemies, and then later you can play the sniper, orthodox coptic finding wounded tanks and clipping them back to the Garage.

You guys have probably figure this out, but the turret does not spin all the way around. But I think they are also well deserved. Viewers have often asked how to carry in a light tank when your team is not shooting what you spot and especially when your team is meaningfully losing. It also takes less time to fully aim the gun. It has a fairly health power to weight ratio, but the ground resistances are completely horrid.

  • Nice premi for the French tankers eh.
  • Its mechanics are sound and it performs its role effectively.
  • It garners enough excitements from wins and frustrations from losses to get players hooked on it.
  • And then make the vehicle slow as a snail?

Straight Outta Supertest AMX 57

Weak points of AMX 13 75
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Some Unicums favor Vents over Optics but as you probably know from my prior videos, I place high value on vision control for lights and mediums. Excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill excelsior churchill vii kvvii isviii kvviii isuviii. This is one of those tanks. Anyway, take your time, I know the burned out feeling you can get towards WoT. And yet, every now and then, I think that this time it will be different.

AMX Chasseur de chars - Global wiki

The driver needs to carefully manage the limited gun depression, gun elevation, and ammo capacity. Other than that it really is a solid prem. It just seems that I was not aggressive enough. They have no idea, what they are doing.

AMX French Light Line Guide The Totes

It should be released in a month. Everyone can see this miles away. Prem tenks should be alot worse than regular tanks. Barely any depression, not much better for the elevation.

Achievement Ratings Vehicle Ratings. There is no player-based economy in WoT per se i. Your opinion is not so important for me to work to understand it.

AMX 13 needs buff - French Tanks - World of Tanks Blitz official forum

However, due to hidden stats, namely ground resistance, the tank is much slower than you'd think. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help other players improve their gameplay. But if you circle around and your team has lost a tank or two by the time you flank, it's over. If they basically see you you are dead.

AMX CDC STA-2 ISU and AMX/57 Footage

AMX 13 75 MatchMaking - Light Tanks - World of Tanks official forum

So what would it take to convince a bunch of greedy ties to adhear to it's player base? Jump in to test them, stop by our forums, and share your thoughts! The E has a fantastic armor layout that enables you to bounce a lot of incoming shots with proper angling. If I'm stopping to trade blows with someone, jyotish matchmaking free I'm dead.

AMX 13 needs buff - French Tanks - World of Tanks Blitz official forum

Noooo sir, absolutely haaaate it. Or they modify a tank's parameter. Adding to the problems is bad gun handling - all in all it results in an inadequate package of a quick-ish medium tank with an average gun, bad gun handling and absolutely no armor. It has mm pen and very good mobilty.

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