Yakima hook up bike rack, holdup evo 2

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If you look at the picture, you would think that the hook would be long enough to still hold the front bike in place, right? It also swings away with one touch, for easy access to your car whenever you need. These features are just part of the Yakima legacy. Rack Systems For Your Car That drive to the ski hill where you had skis over each shoulder and boots in your lap?

The support arms can collapse, there are tie-down straps for secure bike transport, the bike cradles are made of rubber to avoid scratching the bike, and the rack comes pre-assembled. We usually store the ratcheting strap inside the hole as seen here as it has a tendency to flap around and hit the back of the car. Of course, being made of metal, the Hollywood Racks bike rack may be susceptible to wear and tear. Your bike is an investment.

Yakima Replacement Parts

Its capacity of four bikes is amazing for the price, and it even has locks included which is rare for Yakima. And many of those cars were equipped with Yakima racks, similarly beaten. For that I'm happy with this Yakima Rack. With this done, push the hook arm forward until it stops. You can lift your bike onto the rack at this point, and then roll it forward into the hook.

Turn the dial on the head of the rack until it clicks to tighten the small hoop against the tire and secure the bike. The ride is better when the folks we love are pedaling along. The kit uses all metal parts, of course, and is easy to use.

Yakima HookUp Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Consider what wheel sizes you need to carry. Lets say you have two mountain bikes that are similarly sized. Double your truck bed capacity with the BedRock.

HoldUp EVO 2

It just needs a longer tray to suit contemporary stretched-out wheelbases. Two front and two rear saddles with integrated rollers will have you and your friends on the water in no time. Because of this access to the rear was awkward when the rack was down.

Did the receiver part of the rack fail? Many of the other brands don't, dating or the ones that do cost twice as much. Snug the sliding strap to keep the rear wheel in place.

The Best Bike Racks for Jeep Wranglers

Instead of two hoops, it uses one hoop and a hook. The two-bike extension comes with one, too, giving you an extra in case you lose one or want to get creative with a garage install. What ends up happening is that the bike in the second position is perfectly secured in place, while the bike in the front position is not at all. The two trays attach to the main support with simple bolts, then the rack simply slides into your hitch and uses a single large bolt to secure it to the vehicle. Much like the rack from Hollywood Racks, the Sparetime has collapsible arms.

Yakima hitch mount bike rack

This will release the arms so the bike can be lifted off. And the spring-loaded base automatically adjusts to boat when loading. The red lever interfaces with the notched glide bar to either secure or release tension on the tires. The bottom of my tailgate just barely hits a small outward portion on the main support.

Versus Rooftop Rumble

Comparison Table

Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack Reviewed

Yakima HoldUp EVO Hitch Rack

The Hold Up carries up to four bikes and folds out of the way nicely. This meant that I had to lean into the back from the side while leaning over the tray. Repeat when I get home to take them out. Never mind groceries, you are going in the backseat instead! Unfortunately, the flag flew off at highway speeds on our second use.

The integrated cable lock is further deterrent, great dating profile summary and the rack locks to the crossbars. We tested the bottle opener which forced us to have to share this bottle of organic cider. As a result they're sending me a new replacement tray at no cost. The lever will ratchet on the notched glide bar and secure each arm as you push. It was by far the best rack that I have ever owned.

This happened after being left upright following a big rain, but everything still moves and pivots smoothly with no creaks or squeals. Many are impressed with how naturally it mounts on their Jeep Wranglers, looking almost like another part of the car. You have the option to mount the rack off-centered or centered on the universal adapter plate beneath the spare tire. The hitch hits the ground coming out of some driveways but the bikes are always fine.

On paper, this rack looks great. There are cheaper options out there, but for usability, broad compatibility, and long term durability I have been really happy with the HoldUp. The Hold Up also has a built in cable lock system to secure your bikes to the rack. Also, matchmaking industry growth I could probably lift the gate with one bike on if I placed the bike in the rack farther out. How about all those wet boots dripping on the car interior on the way home?

Eventually, his business grew from Lincoln, Nebraska to gain nationwide exposure. Is yours the updated black HoldUp or the grey one? Plus, new ZipStrips make loading and securing bikes simpler than ever. If I put it on the fender and tighten it down, will the fender break? When you arrive to your destination, you can compress those arms and access your supplies in the trunk.

The ratchet feels like it's bone dry and in need of some grease. When I was on my own this was simple, but if you are carrying more than two people and need those seats, this can be more of a problem. The arms rattle when folded down. Install is simple, loading and unloading is a piece of cake, bikes ride securely, and a built-in bottle opener opens bottles. The second red thing is the integrated cable lock, which is super handy and provides light duty security for all four bikes.

HoldUp EVO 2
Yakima Car Rack Replacement Parts - ReRack

Fancy a cold one after a long day of riding? Padded arms protect your bump-devouring babies from chips and scratches, while the positioning of the straps and cradles ensures they don't bump against one another in-transit. The company even allows customers to make their own customized racks. Put the gear on the roof, put it on the rear hitch, put it in a box or on a trailer. It take one bolt to convert from four to two, or two to four bikes so it is easy to downsize the rack if you don't need all four slots all of the time.

  • The rack slides into the hitch receiver, and a threaded bolt is provided to secure it into place.
  • With bikes on the rack you have no access to the rear, the same is true when the rack is folded up.
  • Not sure what shipping costs are like to get them into Canada, but I can't imagine ever purchasing a different rack.
  1. To put a bike on the Hold Up simply fold the wheel tray and hook out, set the front wheel in the tray, pull the hook up over the front wheel then slide it down to secure the front wheel.
  2. There are no integrated locks for either the bike or the rack itself.
  3. You can use the same key to lock or unlock all of them.
  4. Then i saw my bikes in my rear view mirror getting smaller.
  5. Hollywood Racks manufactures racks for bike parking, spare tires, trunks, and hitches.
  6. Hoist the bike onto the tray and roll it forward until the front tire rests on the big hoop.

Yakima Hookup 2-Bike 2 Inch - Yakima Bike Rack

The Best Bike Racks for Jeep Wranglers Buyer s Guide

Instead, the bottom tire fits against the foot. The rear wheel gets a pivoting tray to adapt to a wide range of wheelbases, and an easy to use buckle not unlike a snowboard binding. Carries two bikes Adjustable to fit most rear spare tires With a rugged strap system. Bike racks come in many versions these days.

Compact and complex in looks, the carrying arms compress to make this even more ideally sizeable. The roof rack can be multipurpose, and good for carrying your other gear. However, recently I've noticed the ratcheting arm on one of the trays requires more force to rotate.

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